Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Game Streaming Service ‘Stadia’

Gaming trends are stepping into a new phase, and all the credit goes to the cloud gaming platforms. It’s not any launch of a new console or a PC this time; it is a new gaming service ‘Stadia,’ which enables you to play with as many compatible devices as possible. All thanks to Google’s cloud-streaming technology.

Many people have followed the development of the new game streaming service since its beta-testing days. Finally, Stadia went live in November 2019; however, it was only limited to a single game. Reviewers mentioned that the service did exceptionally well at downloading games instantly and smooth updates, but the experience felt incomplete with few features.

Stadia has been around for over a year now, and it saw a lot of improvements and more features. Do you want to know what more has the gaming service brought you? Read along to know more!

For all those unfamiliar with what is exactly Stadia? It is a platform that offers Virtual Reality (VR) video games to play. The best part is you won’t have to purchase an additional console or any other tech. Instead, you can use any console or device you already have, including a PC, tablets, phones, and televisions that use Chromecast Ultra. Also, it enables you to play games in up to 4K video quality and 60 FPS. 

Interestingly, all the third-party games can be played on the platform that you usually play using other consoles. However, you’ll have to purchase any games that you want to play using the service, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Crayta, DOOM, and the list goes on.

Apart from the current Stadia’s service, it offers an additional service named Stadia Pro. The platform comes with a lot of perks, features, and free games. Not only this, but select game subscription services are also supported by Google Stadia. The word is that Ubisoft Uplay+ will be available soon for $14.99 per month.

You must be familiar with Sony and Microsoft’s free games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold. Similarly, free games have been offered for the Stadia Pro subscribers by Google. It offers a total of four games that can be accessed by the subscribers; however, if you need games beyond that, it requires an extra charge. Moreover, the company has come up with its first-party game studio that’ll develop original games.

As mentioned above, Stadia can be used with any existing controllers; however, it has released a Stadia-specific controller for those who do not already own any console. The controller is available in three colors: Wasabi, White, and Black. Also, it consists of two buttons- a Google Assistant and a Share button.

The Share button allows you to send your gameplay to YouTube quickly. You can choose to keep the shared video private or public. On the other hand, the Google Assistant button allows you to work with the voice commands with an in-built microphone.

In case you’re looking forward to using the controller wirelessly, it fits fine with Chromecast Ultra. However, if you want to use a Pixel phone or a PC to play, it demands a wired connection.

What Do You Require to Play Stadia on Your Phone, TV, or Computer?

Gaming with Stadia is compatible with Google devices. Though the devices are limited, the company plans on expanding its number anytime soon. The big question is, what all do you need to play Stadia on the existing compatible devices? Here’s what you need to know.

Stadia on a Phone

To play Stadia on some compatible phones, you’ll require a Gmail account and an activated Stadia account. Not only this, but make sure you’ve downloaded the Stadia app on your phone. Furthermore, a wired connection is required to use Stadia. Thus, you’ll need a USB-C cable. To pair with Bluetooth, you may use PlayStation DualShock4 or Xbox One.

Stadia on a TV

To play Stadia on a TV, you’ll need a Google account along with a Stadia Premiere Edition, including a Google Chromecast Ultra and the controller. The application also needs to be downloaded on your phone to set up the Stadia controller with the Chromecast Ultra.

Stadia on a Computer

A Google and active Stadia account is mandatory to use Stadia on a PC. To launch the interface, all you need to do is visit Stadia.com on any browser and log in using your Google account.

You’ll also need a controller with a wired connection. Alternatively, you may use your PC’s mouse and keyboard.

Sharing your gameplay has become easier than ever. A new feature named ‘Crowd Play’ has been introduced by Google that allows all the viewers of the game to quickly jump into the game and be a part of the same. All you need is live streaming of a game by someone, and you can instantly become a part of it. Alternatively, you can live stream your game and let others become a part of it.

A good internet connection is one of the most important things you need to play with Stadia. Thus, it is recommended to have a minimum speed of 10 Mbps. However, if you’re looking for a 4K screenplay, a 35 Mbps speed is required. Notably, you can currently go 4K only if you’re using Chromecast Ultra and have a Stadia Pro subscription. 

Stadia is made available in two versions: Stadia Pro and Stadia Base. You’ll have access to 4K resolution, 5.1 surround sound, and 60 Frames-per-second with Stadia Pro. Not only this, but you’ll get your hands on some free games. The subscription is available for $9.99 per month. On the other hand, Stadia Base is a free service giving you access to only 1080p resolution and 60 FPS.

Do you want to be a part of the Stadia experience? The Premiere Edition is available for $100, exclusively on the Google Store. What are you waiting for? Order now and experience one of the best virtual gaming platforms.

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