How to Customize the Shopify Website

The first impression is the last impression. If you lose the first chance of impressing your digital buyers, you will rarely get a second chance to do that. More and more people nowadays do online shopping, so it is important to customize your Shopify website to appear professional and attract more consumers. If your online shopping website fails to make an impression on visitors, you have a slim chance of success. Here are some tips on how to customize a Shopify website in a professional way.

Start with a Simple Theme

As you set up a Shopify website, you have a number of themes before you. You can load a default theme. The default theme appears simple and is not attractive enough. You can start loading your products and fill in the details that describe your product. You can have a preview of the theme to know whether it will suit your website or not. If you want, you can choose the themes available on Shopify.

Have a look at Shopify’s Theme Store

Shopify contains a massive collection of themes. It includes both free and paid themes. You can choose the theme you want. Once you choose the right theme, the task of customizing a Shopify website becomes even easier. If you do not like themes available on Shopify, you can purchase a theme from another website, but you will have to upload the theme before you start the task of customizing. To upload a theme to the Shopify website, navigate to the Themes window. Click to upload the theme under “Theme Library.”

Start Customizing Theme

After you have gone through the process of uploading the theme, you can customize it in your own way. Shopify will display the theme that you selected. In order to start customizing the theme, you can click on the “Customize” button.

Template customization

You will find the option to edit the template at the top of the theme customization window. This allows you to choose a template available on Shopify. You can have a preview of how the selected template will look.

Customize the Page Header

The header is the top of a website page. It displays some elements, such as the name of your website or some images related to the products that you sell via your website. It may have a logo that represents your brand or company. The visitors can view the header and know what services or products your website is about.

Customize the Footer

Footer is the bottom part of a website page. It may have some important details, such as contact details or links to social media accounts. You can choose an image that appears simple and professional. You can add the contact details to help your customers connect with you.

Change Colors

To add more beauty to your website, you can change the color of the texts on your online shopping website. To do so, click on “Colors” under “Theme Settings.” Choose the color you want.

Change the Font Size

You will find the “Typography” below the “Colors” under Theme Settings. Typography lets you change the font size. Adjust the font size in the desired way.

The tips mentioned above will help you customize your Shopify website like a pro without hiring a web designer. We hope these tips will prove beneficial in helping you make a professional-looking Shopify website.

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